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Create the products you need with seafood manufacturing from our suppliers in Marion, Massachusetts. The Hadley Company is a seafood manufacturing and importing company that imports seafood products from all over the world. We create wholesale seafood products for restaurants and suppliers across the nation. Contact us at (888) 351-1195 to learn more about our seafood suppliers.

Seafood Manufacturing
At The Hadley Company, we import raw materials from Norway, Russia, and American. Then, we send our materials to China to be processed at our own facility. After that, the seafood is sent to our market within the United States. Our food is segmented under our own labels then sold to either distributors or chain restaurants throughout the nation. Call us today for more information about our seafood manufacturing services.

Why Choose Us?
The experts at The Hadley Company have more than 50 years of combined experience and opened this company in 2003 to provide you with quality wholesale seafood. We create superior products through our seafood manufacturing process and provide them to you at an affordable, wholesale price.

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